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  PAPAYA SALAD                                                                         $10.95
Green papaya salad with tomatoes, garlic, dry shrimps, green beans and roasted peanut. 

  LARB TOFU                                                                                $10.95
 Tofu tossed with onions, toasted rice powder and fresh mint leaves

  THAI GARDEN SALAD (CHICKEN OR TOFU)                               $10.95
Mixed fresh garden vegetables, grilled chicken and boiled egg served with Thai salad dressing. 

​  LARB CHICKEN                                                                          $11.95
Grounded chicken tossed with onions, mint leaves, herbal rice toasted powder & roasted pepper.

  BEEF SALAD                                                                               $13.95
Grilled beef tossed with onions, cucumber, tomatoes, mint leaves and chili lime dressing.

  MOO NAM TOK                                                                          $13.95
Tender pork slice, charbroiled, tossed with onions, herbal rice toasted powder & mint leaves. 

  ​MANGO SALAD SHRIMP or TOFU                                              $13
Shredded mango tossed with carrots, cashew nuts, onions, and lime juice.

​  PLA GOONG                                                                                $13.95
Grilled prawns tossed with onions. lime juice, kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass & sweet chili paste.

​  SILVER NOODLE SHRIMP or TOFU                                            $13.95
Silver noodles, grilled prawns, grounded chicken, onions & mint leaves mixed in a Thai dressing.

  SOM TUM GRILLED PRAWNS                                                    $13.95
Green papaya salad with tomatoes, garlic, grilled prawns, green beans and roasted peanut.

​  SEAFOOD SALAD                                                                        $16.95
Grilled prawns, squids, fish fillet, scallops tossed with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf & onions.

  LARB DUCK                                                                               $16.95 
Boneless duck tossed with lime juice red chili powder, herbal rice toasted powder and onions.

  SALMON SALAD                                                                        $16.95
Grilled salmon tossed with lemongrass, ginger, cashew nuts, kaffir lime leaf and onions.​