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Fish & Seafood

​  SPICY CRISPY CATFISH                                                             $13.95
Sauteed crispy catfish fillet, mushroom, bell peppers, garlic, chili, and sweet basil.

  CATFISH DELIGHT                                                                      $13.95
Stir-fried crispy catfish with celery, bell peppers, yellow onions and ginger.

​  HOA MOK PLA                                                                            $13.95
Streamed fish with coconut milk and napa cabbage in a banana leaf wrapping.

  SPECIAL POMPANO                                                                   $14.95
Deep-fried whole pompano topped with three flavors sauce and mushroom.

  BASIL SEAFOOD                                                                         $15.95
Stir-fried with prawns, scollops, squids, fish fillet, bell peppers, garlic, chili, onions and sweet basil.

​  SWEET & SOUR SALMON                                                           $14.95
Stir-fried salmon fillet with cucumber, pineapple, onions, tomatoes in special tomato sauce.

  JASMINE PRAWN AND SCOLLOP                                               $16.95
Jumbo prawns and scollop, egg, onions, bell peppers in yellow curry cream sauce.

​  KING & I                                                                                     $16.95
Grilled salmon fillet marinated in mild sauce, charbroiled served with Thai sauce. 

  PLA SEABASS MANAO                                                              $25.95
Pan fried seabass fillet topped with lemon sauce  

  PLA NEUNG                                                                               $25.95
Fillet seabass streamed with light soy sauce, ginger, celery and bell peppers.

  SEABASS DELIGHT                                                                    $25.95
Sauteed seabass fillet with ginger, celery, yellow onions, bell peppers, and soybean sauce.

​  PLA SUPPAROD                                                                         $25.95
Seabass fillet, ginger, pineapple simmered in yellow coconut milk curry. 

  LEMON SEABASS                                                                      $25.95
Seabass fillet, stream with lime juice, chili, garlic, cilantro, and chopped bell pepper. 

  GRILLED SEABASS                                                                    $25.95

    Grilled seabass fillet served with cucumber sauce. 

  HAPPY SEABASS                                                                       $25.95
Fried light batter seabass topped with stir fried garlic, onions, bell peppers and sweet basil.